About Netrade Group

Netrade is the holding company of a portfolio of operating subsidiaries working across a variety of sectors – 
commodity trading, warehousing, salt milling and fmcg manufacturing & distribution.

Established in 2001 Netrade began as a commodity trading business and since then has expanded in to a dynamic and diversified company employing 300 people. The company’s head office is in Harare but through its subsidiaries its footprint extends in to Southern and Central Africa.

Commodity Trading

FMCG Manufacturing &

Salt Milling
& Packaging

S&P Logistics


NETRADE DISTRIBUTION procures, distributes and markets Fast Moving Consumer Goods to the wholesale and retail sectors within the region. The division’s primary focus is the provision of brands that offer the consumer the key balance of value for money whilst also maintaining the highest standards of quality.


Trades in raw materials products for millers, food processors and stock feed manufacturers. Products are sourced globally for regional markets. Using its considerable experience and expertise, NETRADE MARKETING offers competitive pricing as a result of its capacity to purchase in bulk and pass on the benefit to its customer base.

S&P Logistics

S&P LOGISTICS was established in 2008 and specialises in break bulk warehousing, providing for the storage and management of clients’ commodities. In addition to it’s warehousing service, S&P offers customers a number of ancillary services to facilitate the smooth flow of goods to and from its warehouse. The business is located in Harare and consists of two covered warehouses with a combined area of 17 000 square meters. S&P LOGISTICS offers both bonded and unbonded warehousing.


SALTWORX is the salt packing and food manufacturing division of NETRADE GROUP. The company packages salt from Botswana for a number of leading FMCG distributors and retailers in Zimbabwe and Malawi. In addition SALTWORX also packages popcorn and manufactures tomato sauce.


NETRADE’S rapid expansion and success is attributable to the groups’ ability to identify business opportunities within the region (Southern/ Central Africa) for which there is likely to be consistently high demand and to develop or invest in businesses which will meet consumer demand effectively and efficiently. In addition NETRADE has proven itself to be a resilient and robust business organisation capable of providing the highest standards of service and quality to its diversified customer base in sometimes challenging circumstances.


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